Corporate Estate Planning


In the next 10 years, over 1 trillion dollars of assets will change hands.  Significant portions could be payable to Canada Revenue Agency.

The next 20 years will be extremely important in the estate planning area.  It is a very wide-ranging topic, encompassing a number of different areas of tax and financial planning.   Estate Planning usually refers to the various transactions and courses of action undertaken by a taxpayer to minimize the tax consequences that arise on death.  However, estate planning today covers a much broader range of related issues and includes virtually every aspect of providing for the orderly transfer of assets from one generation to another.  Arranging your corporate assets in an effective manner today will greatly enhance the value of these assets and ensure a more tax effective transfer at retirement of death.  Financial planning can be considered under two distinct areas: wealth accumulation (investment planning) and wealth conservation (estate planning).

“If it is important to build it, then is it important to conserve it?”

Tax effective accumulation of assets will maximize one’s estate.  Unique concepts have been developed to tax shelter investment income. The additional income created can supplement  retirement or provide other investment opportunities.   Effective planning will minimize income taxes today and on death.  It will also ensure liquidity to allow an estate to be appropriately distributed.

Independent and Objective Planning

Traditionally, clients may have looked to their accountant or lawyer for all of their estate planning needs.  In most cases, their area of practice does not concentrate on all the areas involved in estate planning, particularly investments and insurance contracts.   The proper structuring and integration of these products with the clients’ taxation, legal and business affairs, results in significant improvements in the clients’ current estate position.

Allan T. Grantham of Atlas Estate Planning Services Ltd., combines planning concepts with real life experience to provide appropriate, effective and creative planning.  Our objective is to provide the best solution for each client, operating as an independent broker if a product is needed to fund a concept.  We will work with financially strong, resourceful companies to ensure that our clients obtain high quality products that effectively meet their needs.

We are committed to providing expertise in assisting other professionals to offer a full range of services to the client.  Since we practice only in one area, we are able to develop and refine various concepts that are very effective.  Other practitioners may not have the time to devote to developing such specific scope concepts.  We can ensure that these concepts are  implemented where appropriate and are properly structured.

To give you an idea of what we help accomplish, take a look at a couple samples of real cases (names have been changed) and Allan’s own personal corporate structure.

Allan Grantham’s Corporate Structure

Sample Case 1

Sample Case 2